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Introduction: What is the Importance of Art?

Art is one of the most important things that has happened to our world. It’s at the core of who we are as humans, it’s a fundamental part of what separates us from other animals. Humans interpret and represent our reality through art in all its forms; literature, sculpture, painting, music etc. Art is not just a matter of aesthetics or a mere reflection of reality, it is an integral part of our lives. Art has been incredibly important throughout history and from everything we know, it will continue to be. For example: understanding how to make fire was crucial for our survival, and thus the invention of language and art were two events which were both necessary for the further development of humankind.
Nowadays art is used as a universal language: we watch movies, read books, listen to music. Everyone regardless of race, religion or culture can appreciate art and its effect on us. Art is what gives us the courage to face reality and overcome obstacles along the way. It’s what makes life worth living and it’s something no amount of money can buy. Even if you’re not a fan of modern art or anything you see at museums etc. you can still appreciate the beauty of art and its impact it has on our world.
What is what?
“Art is a unique type of human behavior–it is figured or expressed, symbolic or actual physical activities by which a social group shares and expresses its perceptions, values, emotions, and knowledge about itself and the universe in which it lives.” (Zinczenko 1)

what an artist the world is losing in me
what an artist the world is losing in me

What are the Reasons and Effects of Art Losing ?

Art has always been incredibly important throughout history and from everything we know, it will continue to be. However, art is losing its form because the people who create it are losing the ability to create. This is because art is no longer valued in the way that it was in the past. In fact, it seems that all things creative are being devalued by our society. Art is changing and becoming less valuable, which is why the world is losing artists.
Why are artists losing their ability to create art? The main reason is that artists are suffering from a lack of value. To get an idea of what this means, think about the difference between an artist and a skilled factory worker. An artist is seen as someone who simply has a creative urge within them, who needs to express themselves through art. They are seen as special in that way. However, at the same time they are seen as useless in terms of their worth to society. If they are not making useful things, they are not very useful to society.

what an artist the world is losing in me
what an artist the world is losing in me

The Importance of Art in an individual’s Life

Art is incredibly important in an individual’s life. It allows people to express themselves in a way that they wouldn’t necessarily be able to do so any other way. Furthermore, it provides many people with a means of escaping their reality. This can be achieved through reading literature or watching movies, but there is something that art does that neither of these can: it allows an individual to express their emotions about the world around them. Art allows individuals to experience the things that they think about and express what they want, which is why art is so important.

what an artist the world is losing in me
what an artist the world is losing in me

How we can Take Action Today

The problem which underlies the issue of art being devalued is that people do not value art. If people valued art more, they would be willing to pay more for it. This means that there would be less mass-produced art and more unique pieces, which in turn would result in the preservation of art. So the first step towards preserving the art around us is to value art more as a society.
The second step is to realize that art is a way of communicating with the world. The world would be no better or worse off if art was kept out of the hands of people in the hands of fans, who will pay more for it. The third step is to realize that when we buy artwork, we are actually making an investment in future compensation of artists who will produce more art to satisfy our need for entertainment and inspiration.
So now that we know what we can do to take action today, the question becomes: will we do it?
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