Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

This is the third part of my blog series on self-doubt what it is and how to overcome it. The other two parts were more technical and both focused on overcoming self-doubt as a negative thing.

The writer of this article is looking to make sure that he is not misusing the word “doubt” when talking about himself. He wants to be able to express his own thoughts and feelings without worrying too much about making people think that he’s an insufferable negative person who isn’t so sure about anything. That would be a bad impression for him to leave behind if he wanted to get on with his personal business as well as his work.
This is an article on how the writer is finally able to talk about himself and his opinions in a way that doesn’t make him sound like a pessimist who has lost faith in humanity. The writer talks about finally being able to embrace doubt as an important part of his life and not just a negative property that he doesn’t want to talk to anyone about.
“I’ve struggled with self-doubt for a long time, like many people do. I knew that it was wrong to doubt other people and the things they were saying or doing, but I was different and I didn’t believe in all the things that my family did so I thought I was evil because of it.”

i'm not arguing im just explaining why im right
i’m not arguing im just explaining why im right