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B) The story begins with the friend in question sitting on a log in a forest.
A) It begins with the other friend, who is also sitting on a log.
C) The first friend then tells the second about “two friends sitting in a tree”.
C) The first friend brushes some leaves from the log and continues to talk about the friends in question.
B) Another story is then told, this time by someone else, which soon becomes clear is also about two friends sitting in a tree. The two stories are somewhat alike and we learn that they might kiss.
B) The second friend is then quizzed about whether he thinks the two friends might kiss.
A) As it transpires, he cannot remember what happens next, so the first friend then finishes the story for him.
C) After finishing the story, the first friend reveals that it was she who told him what happened next to the two friends in the tree.

two friends sitting in a tree they might kiss
two friends sitting in a tree they might kiss

Introduction: What are the Main Features of Kiss AUS? And How Does it Work?

A) Kelsey and Alice are friends. They sit in a tree right next to them because they might kiss at the end of the story. Now the story starts! [KISS AUS] has been revised, un-revised and rewritten many times. But this is the first time it will be published.
B) Kiss AUS is a short short story. It is meant to be read in five minutes or less. It was written by Kellie Elliot and Alice Howland [Kellie Elliot being the author, and Alice Howland being the editor]. What are “main features” of this story? The main features are that it is a very simple story with an important message.
C) Kiss AUS is a story about girls and kissing. Here are some of the main things they kiss: lips, noses, cheeks, foreheads, tongues, etc.
D) In Kiss AUS scissors is a type of hand that someone uses to cut the hair off of another person. But it’s not just any scissors you can get in the store at any time you want. In the story, scissors is called a “kiss aus.”
E) Kiss AUS is intended to be read in five minutes or less. That is, it doesn’t need to be read one chapter at a time. You can read it in sections if you want by reading the parts that seem interesting to you. But if you don’t know what parts are interesting to you, just go with the story as it reads itself.

two friends sitting in a tree they might kiss
two friends sitting in a tree they might kiss