Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Closing Thoughts on the Benefits of Don’t Snore, I Dream

I am dreaming, it is the night before my first day of work at a new place. The jet lag has caught up with me and I am wide awake as the dream begins in a restless swirl. I’m riding a motorcycle through an endless desert highway, winding between enormous dunes that tower into the sky. The hours pass, and the dunes keep growing taller and taller, until I am furiously maneuvering between them. I am losing control, feeling the bike is not meant for me.
As I approach the top of one of the mammoth dunes, I find there is another road that goes around it. This is why I am here: to find a way through this seemingly insurmountable wall. The world has changed and my motorcycle has become obsolete. No man can navigate such a terrain on his own. I must go forward, or risk being lost forever in this endless deadly maze.
This is a very real fear I once faced: finding myself in a situation where I, alone, couldn’t get through. There are many things we rely on in life to keep us safe, like jobs and families. When those things collapse, it is hard to know how to get out of the maze.
In the dream I climb up onto a section of rock that has been split apart by some time and wind-blowing geology, and sit down cross-legged to catch my breath. I look around, and can see that in the distance, the mountains fall away to a vast lush forest below. The road is lost among them, but I can vaguely make out a dark shadow that I know is the support of some great structure. It is hidden from view, but it must be there.

i don t snore i dream im a motorcycle
i don t snore i dream im a motorcycle

Conclusion: 5 Ways You Can Make Your Dreams Come True with an AI Sleep Assistant

Right now those things are just dreams, but that could change when you work with an AI Sleep Assistant to find meaning in your sleep cycles, and make them come true. There are several ways you can use the AI Assistant to make your dreams come true. With predictive analysis and the ability to build smart alarms, the AI Assistant can:
1. Detect your dreams and turn them into reality.
2. Detect dangerous habits in you sleep cycle and wake you up before they harm you.
3. Use predictive analysis to help you be more productive in your dreams so that when woke up intended results are achieved or improved upon.

i don t snore i dream im a motorcycle
i don t snore i dream im a motorcycle