Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Introduction: Why Is The God Of Death Question So Essential For Humans?

The God of Death is a very important aspect for humans because without death, we would not have the concept of life and since there is no such thing as life without death, it would be impossible for mankind to live. It’s also extremely important that humans feel fear in order to thrive; fear teaches us how to react and grow as human beings. As a result, the idea that we may one day meet our god of death can be very tension-filled and frightening. So the question remains: what do you say to the god of death?
What do you do or say when death’s hand is on your shoulder? There are many answers that can be given and countless ways to express it. One way would be for one who is about to go before their god of death to simply look at life and try to appreciate everything that’s been given to them. Another option would be for one to take time before they die and reflect on their life, the people in it, their loved ones, their enemies, the good times and bad, or anything else in between. Another way would be for one to conclude that the end of their life is simply the beginning of a new era.
There are many different ways to answer the question, but it’s best that each individual answers it as they feel most fitting. Here are some other relevant questions and answers with regards to how one should respond when being confronted by death.

what do you say to the god of death
what do you say to the god of death