Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Coloring Pages – Rainbow | Colored Picture Books | Simple Rainbows and Fruits

Coloring pages are a great way to relax and unwind. It is also an awesome way for the young ones to learn. Now what about coloring the girl sitting on the swing? Well there is no harm in giving it a try, here are some ideas: The girl is probably feeling very comfortable sitting on the wooden swing. She is probably puffing up her cheeks and enjoying every moment of it. Well what better way to express that than by drawing a big grin on her pretty face. The swing is already a beautiful piece of art to begin with. It would look even better if you added some beautiful colors to it. So let’s start coloring. [COLOR]
First decide on the color of the girl. This can be a very dull yellow, bright red or deep blue etc. but try to pick something that will compliment the swing in a subtle way and not overshadow it completely. Now grab a crayon and begin by carefully drawing the shape of her face on it so that you would have an accurate idea of how she should look like when you are done with that step. The girl’s face will be drawn on some of the swing’s surface while the other side will be left blank so that when you color it, you are not overwriting each other thought. [COLOR]
After drawing her face, draw her eyes and eyebrows onto the surface. Since this is a very cute face drawing do not try to focus too much on accuracy. Your main concern here should be with the expression and how much you can capture in just a few simple strokes of colors. Do not be afraid to make the eyebrows a little too thick and the eyes a little too small. The most important thing here is to keep things looking natural while still trying to get them done quickly. [COLOR]

coloring the girl sitting on the swing | rainbow colors
coloring the girl sitting on the swing | rainbow colors