Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

In an effort to know the person behind the words, author Douglas Clegg chose to write his book in first person, using the voice of an Alzheimer’s patient who is struggling at the end of her life–a patient whom he calls Addie. And because of this first-person voice, readers get a window into a world few will ever experience: what does it mean to struggle with Alzheimer’s? What does it feel like to have no short-term memory? How difficult do you find it trying to reconnect with those you love when your brain has started to lose its grasp on the time and place that defined your life before?

Clegg is a writer of fiction and poetry with a doctorate in American Literature. He lives in New York City. His short fiction has appeared in many literary magazines, including New Letters, The Cincinnati Review, One Story and The Literary Review. His poetry has been published in the Kentucky Review and in literary magazines such as Poetry East.
For the past ten years, Clegg has been active in both the Horror Writers Association and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.
Clegg’s first novel, The Hour Before Dark, was published in September 2007. It is a literary thriller about an American poet living in Paris who becomes involved with a mysterious young woman. After that book’s publication, it was optioned by Lionsgate Films to be developed as a feature film.

the invisible life of addie larue read online free
the invisible life of addie larue read online free