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Introduction: What is the Psychology of Choice?

This article is about the psychology of choice and how our decisions are made. I will focus on what happens when we have a choice between two options. I will also discuss what biases our brain to make bad decisions.
My guest blogger, Sam Nunberg, is a policy analyst at the Media Research Center. You can follow him on Twitter @snnun3b.
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if you had a twin i would still choose you
if you had a twin i would still choose you

What it Means to Have a Twin

Some twins also have a stronger connection than others. The most prevalent reason to have a twin is because of genetics. The same genes are involved in being born as a twin and not having a twin. This can be used as evidence that we are all linked by genetics, though there are still many exceptions to the rule.
Another reason that twins are born is because of a specific type of cell division during pregnancy. The womb will divide a single embryo into two which results in identical twins. This can be used to explain why people who have a twin often have twins themselves.
Finally, the common non-twin sibling will never be able to understand what it is like to have a twin because there are many restrictions that go along with having a twin. For example, you cannot choose to be born with a twin. Twins also have a much more special and unique bond than other siblings.

if you had a twin i would still choose you
if you had a twin i would still choose you