Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Introduction: I want to play happily because I got the heavenly castle. Which is you are about to hear. It’s no longer that dream for most of us. Some people get accepted into heaven but only after doing many things on earth like hard work, studying and earning money. At least that’s what they think they achieved after their lives and they play it out in their minds. If nothing else, it’s a dream we shared with our parents and have believed in our whole life long too! But never imagine that you can be a part of the heavenly kingdom when you make your own dreams come true on earth! That is exactly what this book will teach you how to do! Think of this book as all-in-one guide which covers every aspect related to happiness on earth through words and actions, which we can easily follow

First of all, it defines happiness as a natural high by which we feel great at all times. Happiness is a state of mind which is an often misunderstood term. Happiness is not about wealth or power. It’s about having the right mental attitude to make you feel good and avoid negative feelings. People who have a positive attitude have the best chance at real happiness.
It also states that happiness is something you can create yourself. It cannot be bought or sold. You can’t win it at the lotto or inherit it at death. This is an important message to those who think happiness lies in the stars or in what others do for them.
The rest of the book is about how to be happy. It contains strategies on how to:
1. Find the source of your happiness. What does it feel and look like?
2. Be happy, every day, and not just once a year for special occasions.
3. Create a better life for you and those you love!
4. Learn from success to become a more positive person, thus boosting your own ability to succeed!
5. Take control of your life and make it as happy and fulfilling as you want.
6. Enjoy everyday success, and live every moment to the fullest!

i want to play happily because i got the heavenly castle
i want to play happily because i got the heavenly castle