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Introduction: How Does an AI Writer Work for Social Media Marketing?

For social media managers, it’s not always easy to keep up with the ever-changing face of social media. Some areas require a more hands-on approach while others are more suited for automation. After all, even influencers need a break now and then. However, automation is not a solution to everything and should not be used in all cases.
There are several different methods of implementing automation into social media marketing and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Let’s look at a few of the most commonly used methods:
Software as a Service (SaaS) – This is the most complex form of automation. When using SaaS, you are almost completely removing yourself from the equation. You simply write your content, add it to your chosen software, and choose how often you’d like it to be posted. This allows you to completely remove your personal touch and rely solely on the software. However, there are limitations as well.

life's a beach im just playing in the sand
life’s a beach im just playing in the sand

What is Instagram and Why Should You Be on It?

Social media is the use of websites and applications, along with the inter-connectivity that they offer, like Facebook and Twitter. However, social media marketing can be a bit tricky to discuss at times because it involves so many different aspects. For example, social media marketing includes such things as search engine optimization (SEO), content creation and distribution, paid advertising, and more.
What is Instagram?
Instagram is a social media application and website where users can create a profile for themselves, attach images to their account, and upload these images for others to see. However, one of the things that makes Instagram so unique is the fact that many of its users tend to share pictures or short videos with their friends and family. Most people prefer pictures and videos that are high quality because they feel this conveys a better idea of who they are or what they are thinking than a bunch of typed words realistically would.
What are the benefits of using Instagram?
Some of the benefits of using Instagram include:
The ability to share pictures or videos. People love seeing pictures, especially those high quality ones. High quality images allow for users to express their inner thoughts and feelings, which is what many people use social media sites for in the first place.

life's a beach im just playing in the sand
life’s a beach im just playing in the sand

How to Use the in-App Features of Instagram for Impactful Social Media Content Creation

PERMISSIONS: Be sure to check your Instagram app’s permissions before posting content. Take the time to look at the settings and determine which features are or are not available. You can also opt out completely from certain features if you prefer. For this article, we will focus on the functions that are available for everyone as well as a few that might help you gain an edge in posting content.
PHOTO TAGGING: For this article, we’re going to explore tagging directly from the Instagram app. One big advantage to doing your tagging from the app is keeping track of who has and hasn’t been tagged in other people’s posts. There are two ways to tag others in your Instagram posts (or someone else’s).
Live Preview: This is the easiest way to tag others in your Instagram posts. Try this method first if it is available for you.

life's a beach im just playing in the sand
life’s a beach im just playing in the sand