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How to Create an E-Learning Content Given a Keyword

We all want to be experts in our field, but chances are that we don’t have the time or knowledge to master everything. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of sites and apps that offer quick takes on a variety of topics and help you master absolutely anything under the sun. Learning is easier than it’s ever been with these websites. Get to learning!
Sparknotes has a nice list of over 6,000 books, movies and plays to read or watch with their study guides on almost every topic you can think of. I can’t believe the number of blog posts I come across where people have plagiarized content from this site! The best part is, you can get a free account that allows you to preview the book or play and then buy it if you wish (but you probably won’t need to).
2. Wikipedia
Ah, the internet’s best source for information. Wikipedia is my go-to place if I need to research any topic. What I like the most is that you can find the information you’re looking for in just a few clicks. The amount of blog posts I’ve seen where people have plagiarized content from this site is crazy!

i don t know everything i just know what i know
i don t know everything i just know what i know

Implementing an Ejoyment Loop in Your Learning Experience in Order to Retain Students & Enhance Their Engagement Through E-Learning Design Patterns

At its core, an e-Learning design pattern is a concept that can be readily used, modified and adjusted to fit the needs of your audience. Since an e-Learning design pattern is just a concept, it’s up to you and your organization to figure out which one works best for your audience and the learning experience you’re creating. The following websites and apps will help you do just that.
This website collects design patterns for e-Learning ( It contains an extensive list of categories and subcategories so you can find a design pattern that matches your needs.
This website is a catalog of all the design patterns presented at the last two editions of EduTECH, an international scientific conference that “aims to bring together researchers from academia, industry and administration to share experiences and knowledge in related topics” ( This resource provides a great way for you to find out about design patterns used throughout the e-Learning community, and also allows you to see what other people thought about different patterns.

i don t know everything i just know what i know
i don t know everything i just know what i know