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Introduction: What is a strong new lead?

We always thought that Anne Frank’s family had been betrayed and caught by the Nazis in World War II. But now a new book and film, The Betrayal, argue that what happened was worse — that their Dutch helpers, who helped the family go into hiding in Amsterdam in 1942 and again when they went into hiding outside of the city, were complicit in their capture. That would mean that Anne Frank’s last year, when she wrote her famous diary and died in Bergen-Belsen shortly before the camp was liberated, was more horrible than we had imagined.
When I heard about it, I wanted to meet Robert G.W. [Walter] and Nelly [H029] Verhoeven, the authors of the new book and makers of the film. On a brilliant spring day in Amsterdam, we met at a cafe on a canal, along with Jeroen de Bruijn, the journalist and author who discovered that in recent years Nelly had become involved with a man who was known as ‘the betrayer’ by many members of her family.
The Betrayal: Anne Frank’s Family in Hiding and the Dutch Helpers Who Turned Them Over to the Nazis [H1]

a strong new lead in the betrayal of anne frank
a strong new lead in the betrayal of anne frank

How can a strong new lead help you write powerful narrative essays?

A strong new lead is a carefully and persuasively written paragraph that outlines the findings of a new book or article on an under-discussed or controversial issue. Whether you are writing an essay on Anne Frank, global warming or gun control, you must use a strong new lead to demonstrate the relevance of your topic in the overall essay. This is a great element for using narrative to add context to your essay. It helps to show how your essay relates to the overall argument. This is the kind of paragraph that helps you keep your argument focused in a persuasive essay.
Background information on Anne Frank’s diary
Anne Frank’s story has been one of the most powerful narratives in history. “Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl” was published in 1947 and is one of our most widely-read books. The book tells the story of Anne Frank as well as her family, who hid with her for two years during World War II.
How can a lead help you write your essay?
1. A strong lead will clarify the focus of your essay.
2. It will also provide you with evidence to back up your claims in the body of the essay.

a strong new lead in the betrayal of anne frank
a strong new lead in the betrayal of anne frank

The Benefits to Using A Strong New Lead in your Writing Process & Ways to Incorporate Them Into Your Story

A new lead can help you write a stronger essay because it allows you to focus on the new information you are writing about and the relevance that it has to your overall topic. A new lead allows you to incorporate quantitative data into a narrative rather than leaving it as a number or stat on its own. This method of writing is more engaging and interesting because it uses the actual words of someone who has experienced the issue at hand. This article and film use a new lead to show that Anne Frank’s family was betrayed by her helpers, which would have been a little-known story if they hadn’t uncovered it.
Knowing how to write a new lead is just one tool in a writer’s arsenal. The benefits of using it in your writing process are varied and include streamlining the brainstorming process, creating more effective openings for your piece, and making yourself stand out as an original thinker.
To use a new lead, you need to brainstorm before you start writing. You need to think about your topic, why you are writing about it, and what specific information you have that is helpful for your essay. You need to be able to identify a new piece of information that will allow you to write about something in a different light. “The Benefits of Using a Strong New Lead” provides a great example of how the production team used this new lead by looking at Frank’s family members who were betrayed by her confidant, Edith Frank. The producers of the film and the essay had been thinking about betrayal in general, and when they thought about Anne’s family members being betrayed by the person closest to them, the new lead came into focus. Because they could see a different light than they did on their own, they were able to transform that idea into a powerful opening for their production.

a strong new lead in the betrayal of anne frank
a strong new lead in the betrayal of anne frank