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Introduction: All The Days Past, All The Days To Come

There’s a moment in your life, when you see that a day has come to an end and another day is beginning. A moment of change. The new days are as vast as the old ones, yet they contain entirely different possibilities. They unfold before you with certainty, satisfaction of knowing that tomorrow can be better than today. The past is always left behind despite the tie to it that we still don’t understand and feel within us. And so the tension continues to be present, that we can’t just sit back and thoroughly enjoy the day. The future is almost always too uncertain and full of risk yet it is also very exciting and full of possibilities. And so you continue to live each moment of your life, aiming for the best outcome possible in what remains so uncertain. You never quite know what will happen next, yet you live and live with determination that tomorrow can be better than today. You are limitless in your possibilities. You are on a journey of growth that can never end. And so you continue to live and know, for each moment of your life, that each day has all the days to come.
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all the days past all the days to come
all the days past all the days to come

How Time-Lapse Videos are Changing the World

The world is changing faster and faster, and everything around us is accelerating. The pace of our lives gets faster, the pace of the Internet gets faster and the pace at which everything is happening gets faster. In this age of technology that surrounds us, time-lapte videos aim to capture a moment in time by slowing it down. They are a way to freeze time, so we can see things as they really happen, without the distractions that life brings. These videos capture people in the moments they live, and in this article we aim to show you how time-lapse videos are changing the world.
Time-lapse photography is a fairly new form of art that consists in taking images at designated intervals of time. Then, you put them together in a video that shows an event as it occurs. This technique makes time fly fast and allows you to see the changes made to a place or object over a long period of time.
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all the days past all the days to come
all the days past all the days to come

The Psychology Behind Mindfulness & How it Can Make You Happier and Healthier

Mindfulness is a way of thinking, an attitude towards life and towards yourself. It is a fundamental change in consciousness that leads to the peace of mind and inner harmony. Mindfulness helps us be focused on the present moment, free from worries, doubts and fears. It brings us to the now which makes us understand who we are, where we are and how to proceed further towards our goals.
The practice of mindfulness is the gateway to the highest level of self-enquiry and spiritual evolution. It makes us capable of facing physical, mental and emotional pain, in a unique way. The art of mindfulness can be mastered by anybody willing to learn it. If you are ready to immerse yourself in this practice – read on.
What is mindfulness?
Mindfulness is a psychological state of being fully aware in the present moment without judgment or criticism. You can say that mindfulness is the art of being completely at peace with the present moment and your self.
The roots of the practice can be found in ancient Indian philosophies, most specifically Vedanta. One of its most important proponents was a renowned philosopher and scientist named Satya Sai Baba, from whose teachings Mindfulness derives inspiration.

all the days past all the days to come
all the days past all the days to come