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How do I die?

Rufus is waiting in the car when he gets a call from his father, who wants to know them in Houston to talk about his passing. Rufus refuses and hangs up; his father calls again later and he refuses again; his father calls a final time and Rufus finally agrees to go. On the way, Rufus stops to get some road snacks and buys a chocolate bar. When he gets in the car, he finds a note from his father that says “I’m not dead! Ha ha! Let’s catch up!” and drives off to meet him.
When Rufus arrives in Houston, things go awry when he learns that his father’s alleged death was merely an elaborate hoax to test Rufus’ sense of humor. Rufus is angry and does not get a chance to speak with his father before he flees from the scene of the prank.

how does rufus die in they both die at the end
how does rufus die in they both die at the end

What is the cause of germs?

Before Rufus can see his father, he runs into his friend and neighbor, Ned Weeks, who is there to attend a funeral. When Rufus mentions the body in the house, Ned shouts at Rufus to be civil. Then they hear the sound of a gunshot and Ned screams that Clay was just shot. At this point Rufus learns that his father is dead; he discovers that someone has taken along the corpse of his father’s first wife (Clay’s mother) and is planning to burn her in the backyard. Rufus is told that his father might have survived if Clay had not taken him out of the hospital. Rufus’s father dies before his eyes.
The title of the story takes its name from the final line, when Rufus is told that his father was “so full of life” before he died. He was able to see Rufus, who had been there all along, but could not understand what he had seen.
The book is structured as a series of vignettes. One vignette concerns the funeral and includes five sequences beginning with the incident on the town green. Another sequence involves the departure of the body from Clay’s home. Two others concern Clay’s death and funeral, while the final two sequences depict Rufus’ reactions to his father’s death.
Rufus recalls a day when he had gone on a picnic with his mother and sister in 1892. [ETC] It is revealed that Rufus was six at the time. [ETC]

how does rufus die in they both die at the end
how does rufus die in they both die at the end

How to Die in Die Hard

Clay is a security guard at an apartment building and has been with the company for many years. His older brother, Steel, is a supervisor at another building where some goons have taken over the guards’ area and are riding around in the manager’s car; Clay suspects that one of them shot his father. The goons are looking for money or drugs, but they don’t want to go up against the law because they think they can beat it. Clay wants them to get tough with him because he believes that he can beat them. He fires his gun into the air to scare them and they start throwing beer bottles at his car. He tells them that he will not go against the law because it is too hard. He says that he will only go if they get him a few cars and some money; they decide to ask the manager, who is not around; Clay says that he will beat them up and steal their cars.
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how does rufus die in they both die at the end
how does rufus die in they both die at the end