Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Excerpt of a Short Story about the Whistler Brothers’ Song “The Duet” , as a prequel to their hit song “the duet”. The email will be used for promotion purposes exclusively but no other use whatsoever will be made. * These excerpts are copyrighted and can only be used on this website and then only when permission has been granted directly from Alexander Muntz himself, who is not financially compensated for it. (keywords: duette)

In order to promote the song “The Duet”, Alexander Muntz (the author) has decided to have a live performance of his song in the form of a prequel story. This will be one of five songs that he will write before leaving his career as a songwriter to broaden his horizons and become a full time artist. This story is the prequel to “The Duet” and follows the life of two brothers whose father was shot by their mother when they were children. Their father was a famous musician and the brothers had no idea that he was shot.
This is a short story that takes place in our time. The song ‘The Duet’ will be out in early September. The email will only be sent to a limited audience, and then only after the success of the prequel story, otherwise it would be an unnecessary waste of time and money.
This is the first chapter of a series of five. The second will be about the brothers taking their father’s belongings to his home town and stepping into their mother’s shoes for a moment. The third will tell about their father before he was shot, and the fourth chapter tells about how he was found dead. The fifth and final installment will be the duet between them, live in front of their friends and family with all five parts combined into one cohesive piece.
*(The author’s note: The first story is the most important, the second is vital to the plot, and all five can be read in any order as they are not bound by time or place.)*

witness to a trial: a short story prequel to the whistler
witness to a trial: a short story prequel to the whistler