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How to Use Navigate 2.0 To Get More Sales and Increase Revenue

Navigate 2.0 helps retailers sell the way people like to buy by showing a shopper their favorite items, sale items and fashion trends in one convenient place. Retailers can stand out by delivering the best mix of sales, deep discounts and carefully selected items to customers, who can then make informed choices. The article above explains why this is useful and how to get the most out of the product.
Get The Most Out of Navigate 2.0: Selling the Way People Like to Buy
No matter how much you automate e-commerce, you can’t get rid of a human being’s natural urge to buy via impulse. The way this is accomplished at retail giants such as Amazon and eBay is by having ‘buy buttons’ placed all over a website which are linked through to a shopping cart and checkout process.

navigate 2.0: selling the way people like to buy
navigate 2.0: selling the way people like to buy

What Is Navigate?

Navigate is a mobile-friendly web application and app designed to help consumers buy more online, in stores, and everywhere in between. Consumers can use it to find a specific item or discover new products and retailers. Used by 30% of the largest retailers, it has become the #1 ecommerce solution used by top global brands.
Navigate has been used to drive online sales for Fortune 500 companies and has been featured in USA Today, Wired, The Wall Street Journal, and many other publications. It is the #1 ecommerce solution in the world – used by 30% of the largest retailers with total mobile sales of over $2 billion.

navigate 2.0: selling the way people like to buy
navigate 2.0: selling the way people like to buy

Navigate Publicist’s 8 Biggest Mistakes

With 5.5 billion searches every day, retailers must find ways to stand out. We identified 8 mistakes that all retailers make and how to fix them. 1. Failing to show consumers their favorite items. 2. Putting up too many ads on a page. 3. Making it hard to find their site in search engines 4. Not getting reviews right away 5. Not having items people want at the right price 6. Forgetting about giveaways and contests 7. Not using social media effectively 8. Misunderstanding mobile marketing
Fix these mistakes from Navigate Publicist and you’ll get more customers, make them stay, and keep them coming back for more!

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navigate 2.0: selling the way people like to buy
navigate 2.0: selling the way people like to buy

Why Should You Use Navigate?

How many times have you looked for an item and seen a completely different product than what you are actually looking for? Navigate shows shoppers their favorite items and lets them bypass irrelevant results. This helps retailers sell more by increasing the relevance of results and keeping them focused on what matters.
Simply put, Navigate is NOT search and browse. It is:
• Search, Browse, and Social all rolled into one—with Social and Search features that are purpose-built for shoppers
• A proven shopper experience that has been in use for years by hundreds of retailers including Gap, Marks & Spencer and Sephora.
• A scalable solution—in terms of technology, content management and deployment options.
• A low-cost option for brands and retailers alike, built on MongoDB.
• An easy-to-integrate suite of features that take native search results to the next level
• A quick and easy implementation: it takes about 4 weeks to get up and running, with minimal training.
“Navigate” is based on the original “Search + Browse + Social” model from Gilt Group and the “Navigate Experience” from the Ponemon Institute.
Why should you use Navigate?
• Navigate is a natural progression from search, to browse, to social—and takes the best aspects of each and combines them seamlessly in an intuitive shopping experience.
In addition to demonstrating progressive sophistication in search technology and design, it gives you an opportunity to drive increased revenue and lift profits by using:

navigate 2.0: selling the way people like to buy
navigate 2.0: selling the way people like to buy

How To Create a Great About Us Page

Using your About Us page to get more people to visit your store or website is essential for boosting sales. Here are 6 things you should do: 1. Focus on your biggest pain points. What are people thinking about your company or what are they talking about online that is a problem for you? If your company has an existing website that is easy to find, consider how much better it can be if people can find information about you on Facebook or Twitter. (See 2.) 2. Break out what people want to know about you in a clear structure. This should be seperated into paragraphs of information so people know where to look, making it easier for them to find your most important details;
3. Show a real picture of things that are important to your business or brand. If you don’t have a logo to go along with this, then it is time to get one. You can design a new image using your company colors, or you can use something like Canva to do it for you. People will be able to see that you care about your brand and having a professional looking website or business card are an important part of that. 4. Include dead links and outdated information. Even if you’ve just started the company, if it has been around long enough, people will look to see what is new. When something is “dead” and no longer current it can hurt your reputation.
5. Make sure it’s not too cluttered. The goal here is to get people to your business or website so they can find out more about you without having to scroll too far or searching for information about something that is relevant to them but might not be of interest for another reason

navigate 2.0: selling the way people like to buy
navigate 2.0: selling the way people like to buy