Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Introduction: What are the Challenges of Leadership?

The conception of leadership is a widely accepted one. It’s the person with the vision to move others in a particular direction, by any means necessary. And while that might sound glamorous in theory, it can be difficult in practice. Leadership comes with significant challenges and demands, which include: constant cheerleading, setting the example, and making the tough decisions. These are all just some of the responsibilities that come with leading. In this article, we’ll be focusing on how to approach these challenges – and more.
What are the Challenges of Leading?
Challenges can come in many forms. They might be external, such as pushing a project through when your team cannot meet deadlines, or answering questions from the media about your company’s direction. Or they could be internal, such as overcoming hesitation that comes with making decisions. Or they could be personal, such as motivating and supporting your employees. But regardless of the form they take, they can still be significant to a leader.
Reality is that no matter how much training you have had or how much preparation you did beforehand, the real challenges of leading will always come as a surprise. For example, let’s say your company suffers from a lack of leadership. This can lead to many issues, not the least of which is team morale dropping (among other issues). Regardless of how well you know your employees, this is a scenario you likely didn’t address in your training. In other words, you were ready to handle the situation philosophically but not practically. So what do you do when something unexpected shows up?
Get the House in Order First

great leaders don t set out to be a leader
great leaders don t set out to be a leader

What are the 12 Rules for Becoming a Leader?

There isn’t a lot of research on leadership, but there are some ideas about what behaviors make people great leaders. Though it’s more likely that not all of these things are necessary to be a great leader (though you may want to put on your detective cap to try and find out), it might help you with your own personal development. Here are the 12 rules for leadership:
Be Comfortable with Failure
Good leaders are comfortable with failure. They are great at getting feedback from their employees, and are able to learn from their mistakes. And they aren’t afraid to fail. The sooner you’re able to embrace failure, the easier it’ll be for you in your leadership career.
Be a Student of Leadership

great leaders don t set out to be a leader
great leaders don t set out to be a leader

1. Have Vision

This one doesn’t have to be fancy. It just has to be there. Most great leaders do this whether they show it or not, which is why they’re able to command respect when they do come out and speak their mind. Leaders who try to be leaders just by coming out and speaking their mind aren’t respected; they’re seen as just another business owner trying to get the other business owners to listen to him. That’s not going to work. Nobody is going to listen, because nobody is going to respect you until you can prove that they should.

great leaders don t set out to be a leader
great leaders don t set out to be a leader